What you need to know about Flame-Resistant Clothing

If you are one those people who deal with pharmaceuticals, combustible dust, railroads, petrochemical, construction, and utility industries and much more, then you will need Flame Resistant shirts. When there is a workplace hazard, the flame retardant garments will help repel and resist arc flashes or blasts to keep you safe from physical harm. Your FR clothing will increase the resistance of your FRC Clothing against dangers.

FR shirts at FROutlet.com or other online shops offer Dupont’s Nomex, which is 100% treated, natural cotton and premium fire-resistant shirts for industrial safety purposes. Majority of FRC Shirts meet the OSHA 1910, ASTM 1506, & NFPA 70E. Also, most Fire Resistant Clothing have Arc Thermal Performance Values that surpasses eight calories/cm^2 and are also HRC 2.

FR Work Shirts

FR Work Shirts involves arc rated clothing to protect you from thermal blasts, arc flashes, and you don’t have to destroy your budget since they are presentable enough to even wear them for dinner or drinks after work.  The shirts designs range from Ariat, Bulwark, Lapco, Rasco, Workrite, and much more available in sizes from small to 5XL. Large sizes are also available for taller individuals. Your FR Shirt is great in appearance and lasts longer than other comparable counterparts. HRC rated clothing is practical, stylish, meeting major safety requirements. There are also Henley long sleeved shirts which provides optimal protection and durability for industrial workers.

FR T-Shirts

The fire-resistant t-shirts consist of flame resistant cotton that gives you unprecedented ventilation, ease, and safety. FR t-shirts are light in weight, lasts long, and they can stretch, so they don’t make you feel suffocated whenever you are working. These Shirts are beneficial during summer months due to their moisture-retaining capabilities and coolness.  If you want your arms to feel free, Rib-knit cuffs shirt will give them extra space to enable you to move freely without limitations. If you need flame resistant shirts with moisture management systems and is affordable, many online shops can cater for that including FR shirts at FROutlet.com.

Maintenance Requirements

A chemically treated or flame-retardant fabric can only retain its FR qualities up to a certain number of washes. Also, there are strict guidelines when it comes to laundering FR clothes. You have to check the tag and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper care and maintenance. When it comes to flame resistant shirts, you must follow a specific laundering guideline. However, these clothes contain materials which are naturally flame-resistant hence they retain their quality for a longer time than treated fabrics. You will not only need a garment material in mind when purchasing FR clothing, but also other factors such as cost, comfort, and safety level.


Flame resistant clothing is available in various styles and fabrics. With secondary FR clothing, you have to ensure that it provides appropriate repellency and the degree of protection depending on your workplace environment.  Employers and workers should research to make sure the garments chosen will protect valued assets and have a proven performance.



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