3 Benefits of Road Running for Every Athlete

So you love to run, but what type of terrain is best for you? Before you get your asics sneakers on, let’s take a little time to discuss some of the different pros and cons to running on the road versus running on other types of terrain like grass or dirt. You want to make sure that when you engage in running that you do the best to minimize injury and maximize the health and personal benefits of running.

Great Training for a City Race


There are numerous benefits to road running, especially if you are training for a marathon or race that will be in the city. While you might enjoy the quiet natural beauty that surrounds you when you run in the woods or on a country path, the city is full of hustle and bustle. You need to be alert to obstacles like cars, pedestrians, signs, construction, and numerous other bizarre hazards that might get in your way.


Running in the city gives you a burst of adrenaline between the natural hormones being released in your body and heightened senses as you maneuver the streets like a professional athlete. Add to that the convenience of roads and even sidewalks for those who live in an urban environment. Road running gives you real life experience to reach your racing goals.


A Steady Surface for Achilles Tendonitis Sufferers


For those who suffer from issues like Achilles tendonitis, road running may help minimize the condition. How? Unlike running on grass or dirt, where the terrain is variable and may have dips, holes, rocks, and other debris, typically running on a road means that you can enjoy a steady surface. Achilles tendonitis is often worsened by running with poor sneakers, running uphill, extremely fast running, or running on uneven surfaces. Men often suffer from this aching injury more than women. Most runners do not like the stiff and tight feeling that they suffer when their tendon injury flairs up. You can minimize risk by running on the stead surface of a road. However, like all injuries, always chat with your medical professional about your running routine. He or she can help you find out what will be best for your injury.


Avoid Sprained Ankles


Additionally, one of the most common injuries for runners is a twisted ankle, often caused by not seeing a dip or hole in the trail ahead. While many medical health professionals indicate that for those with severe injuries, the softer dirt or grass surface is better than asphalt or concrete, there are also additional unforeseen dangers that can lead to twisted ankles.

Besides sticks or rocks on a softer path, there are often holes created by nature or mischievous critters that can lead to painful injury. You can avoid these easily on a well-paved road. Just watch for the occasional pothole. Next time you go out for a run, enjoy some of the great benefits of road running.





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