Warm and Wonderful: How to Add Style to Your Winter Wardrobe

In wintertime, many of us bundle up in so many layers to keep warm, we lose all sense of fashion. If you’d prefer to not look like an Arctic walrus hunter every time it’s cold outside, here are a few wonderful ways to lift your mood and add style to your winter wardrobe without sacrificing warmth.


Cold weather style


The fact that it’s freezing cold outdoors doesn’t mean that you have to stash your pretty summer outfits until June. Believe it or not, you can don a dress no matter how chilly the weather. To make your favorite lightweight dress wintery warm, all you need to do is build layers. Leggings, boot toppers, scarves, and tights can look very cute while providing heat-keeping layers, say fashion mavens at Gurl magazine. If you’re not into wearing tights, jump into a cute pair of over-the-knee ribbed socks before you slide your feet into your winter boots.


Short-sleeve frocks can work in wintertime, if you wear a chambray shirt underneath. Layer a puffy, insulated vest on top and voila– your flirtiest July outfit works in January. If you can knit or crochet or know someone who does, pull together a collection of warm handmade scarves and hats in a range of colors that coordinate with your wardrobe. One great pair of thigh-high boots can be a delightful -and daring- addition to spice up your winter wear.


Go as short as you like


In the mood for a mini? In winter, pair your super-short skirts and dresses with thick wooly tights. Slide your feet into a great pair of non-skid boots, pull on a pair of appealing boot toppers, put on a long coat and a hat, stick your hands in your pockets, and get on with your day. Your short-short skirt may turn a few heads in wintertime, but you’ll be as cozy as can be.


Can you wear ankle boots in winter? Sure, you can. Wear ‘em with wooly leggings and boot toppers to keep your legs warm. Look for stilettos with pointed toes to present your longest possible legs, and try them with any outfit. On icy days, you may wish to wander in ankle boots with block heels for stability.


Beat the wintertime blahs


The turtleneck-and-jeans look is a good one, but frankly, it’s been done to death. Get out of that winter fashion rut by switching that boring turtleneck sweater for a nubby knit tunic and a pencil-thin pair of faux leather pants, advises Marie Claire magazine. Pull on your favorite slightly-high heel boots, add a flirty set of BCS Boutique boot toppers, and you’re ready to go anywhere.


There’s no reason to go into drab mode just because the calendar changes. You can maintain your fashion sense and individuality, if you do so creatively and with wintertime savvy. Wear what you like, and be sure to layer, layer, layer every time you head out into the chill.


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