The Trendiest Halloween Costumes for 2014

Halloween approaches. It’s time to line your driveways with grave markers and adorn your porches and patios with carved pumpkins. Best of all, it’s time to choose a costume. Clowns were a big hit in my neighborhood back when Stephen King’s “Pennywise” was the scariest thing haunting our dreams. However, a new millennium has brought with it new characters and trends.

The Walking Dead


Image via Flickr by micadew

This year, Rick Grimeses and Daryl Dixons will turn out in droves. To make this costume work for your kids, get a pouch of fake blood, place it on your palm with one corner cut, face your child, and smash the pouch. The splatter will make your kids look really creepy. Rub just a little black Halloween makeup on their faces and arms, and let them play outside for half an hour or so to get that gritty look.


For younger teens on the verge of being “too old” for trick-or-treating, Divergent and its factions are a great way to get them back in the game. The Dauntless faction, in particular, will appeal to both guys and gals, and Tris is a female protagonist every teen girl can relate to. All she needs is a pair of distressed leggings, a black sweater, and a black leather jacket, all three-quarters length. To complete the look, add a pair of black fingerless gloves and black and white Converse sneakers.

Captain America

Every little boy needs a hero he can look up to. Captain America is taking center stage along with his Avenger buddies. A trio of young friends could easily put on a Halloween play reenacting scenes from The Winter Soldier after trick-or-treating.

Disney Princesses


Image via Flickr by Jenni Park Photography

Frilly dresses, plastic shoes, and pretty curls topped with a crown have become a Halloween favorite of little girls everywhere. The costumes are easy to find and everywhere. Little girls have princess-themed birthday parties throughout the year, and nothing makes them happier than dressing the part. So when all those pretty dresses go on sale the day after Halloween, take advantage of the low prices and treat your princess to a style for every occasion.

Monster High

There’s a new set of princesses in town, albeit a rather odd group. These dolls’ outrageous style is tricky and expensive to replicate in costume, but well worth the effort if you can pull it off. You can do without the makeup kits, but to really make these costumes work, opt for the extra accessories, such as wigs and shoes, made to match each costume.



Image via Flickr by Chris Favero

As the antagonist in Snow White’s tale, women can be just a little wicked while having fun. Throw on a long, black dress and join in the fun of trekking house to house, or stay behind and look good while handing out candy. To pull off this look, you’ll need dark purple lipstick, makeup a shade lighter than you’d normally wear, and lots of black eye-liner. You can buy the horns at a costume shop, make your own at home if you’re crafty, or wear a black wig to top it all off. To get some inspiration, browse the women’s costumes at Mr. Costumes.


Here is another good option for moms who like to dress up when they take their little ones out. You’ll need a mask, a spandex suit, a pair of heels, and you’re good to go! Whether you’re a Michelle Pfeiffer or a Halle Berry Catwoman, either one is a winner. The Batwoman costume is very similar to Catwoman, but with a black cape. Finish the look with a deep red lipstick.

Whether you like being the hero of your own story or have a bit of a dark streak when it comes to costumes, you’re sure to find a character to suit your own style. The Trendiest Halloween Costumes for 2014 are made with trick-or-treaters of all ages in mind.

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