The Importance of a Spiritual Practice

Living from one’s truth and following the path of God can have its ups and its downs; however, following faith and unconditional love, this path does have its own rewards. In life, nothing is constant and everything is in flux, making it crucial for there to be some stable element that promotes peace of mind. God, the one power that has always existed and will always exist, is the one stable aspect of life that anyone can have in his or her life if this power is allowed into the heart. While faith can sometimes be challenged and difficulties may arise, the constant advice, power and love of Christ will always be there to guide and replenish.

Often, humans become fearful, and many allow negativity to cloud their thinking and actions. In a world where darkness seems to be at the forefront of most media outlets, it can be difficult to see the light that does indeed shine. God is everywhere, and there are wonderful works being performed in various places all throughout the world, yet this doesn’t provide the sensationalism that most newspapers crave. Having a spiritual practice, whether it is meditation, prayer or a spiritual community to go to, can be a powerful way to improve awareness of the positivity that exists. Finding a church, for example, can be a wonderful way to gather with like-minded individuals, each seeking paths to enlightenment by following the word of Christ.

Fortunately today, more and more websites are spreading the truth about God, helping others find hope and peace through his message. The Ed Young Blog, for instance, offers consistent information, inspiration and insight into living life by the Bible and also provides an online community for individuals to share and increase the level of love on this planet. The Internet can be a wonderful medium for sharing truth, light and love, not to mention spread awareness for certain causes that require dire need. Many pastors and spiritual leaders also offer assistance to their church members online, helping them via email. This instantaneous form of communication can be extremely helpful to those who need immediate spiritual guidance.

From a scientific standpoint, researchers have shown that having some form of spiritual practice may be helpful for relieving stress in the body. Stress is one of the leading contributors to immune system suppression, which can promote numerous health concerns. Is it any wonder why having a practice and a community is so important? Not only is the physical supported and relieved of any burden, but the mind and spirit are also benefited. By letting God fight the battles of humans, followers of Christ can let go of unnecessary control. Letting God come in and take care of issues, especially those that humans can’t control under any circumstances, allows obstacles to fall away and answers to come in a harmonious way.

Despite the love God has for his children, many tend to doubt and worry about their future. Having faith that all things will be delivered, through perfect love and hard work, is the only bridge one can take to a rightly ordered life. Through God all things are possible, and that which one seeks shall be delivered unto them. The importance, therefore, lies in the willingness to trust and believe.

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