The Accessories That Take Your Outfit From Day To Night

It’s Friday night and you’re eager to dance the night away with your office friends. However, you still have on the same outfit you wore for the office day and it’s really inconvenient to have to go home just to change outfits. No problem! Here are some tips on how you can glam up your day outfit into a fabulous night outfit.


Leave the wooden bangles and beads and unearth those large statement jewelries instead. Hook on that long dangling gold earrings and slip on that glittering cocktail ring. Grab that wholesale gold jewelry as gold never gets out of fashion. For classier evenings, wear that thin band of gold bangle or bracelet. Hook on a pair of pearl earrings or a diamond necklace. However, don’t wear them all at once. The trick is to wear one or two that complements your outfit, and make sure that it can stand out without being crowded out by other jewelry.


A leather hobo or a satchel bag may be perfect for casual day wear and can fit everything, from your wallet, cellphone, tablet, and other bits and pieces. However, to convert the outfit into a night outfit, dish the big bag and opt for a small clutch bag. It may be small but it can fit your credit card, your lipstick, and your cellphone—basically, the essentials. A black or grey clutch with a glittering jewel button or accent can fit almost any outfit. A bright-colored one or a bejeweled clutch will look best if you are wearing somber colors such as black, dark grey, or dark blue.


Instantly change your outfit from regular day wear into an outfit perfect for a party just by changing your shoes. You may be sporting practical ballet flats or open-toe wedges, just change into a pair of black stiletto heels or towering strappy heels and you’re set for a night of fun. Brightly-colored pumps or glittery strappy sandals can also draw attention to your toes.

Make up

It’s easy to change your makeup from day wear into night wear. You may have been tired from a day’s work but just apply some red lipstick and it instantly brightens your face. Choose a true red shade instead of a red-orange one for a more glamorous color. Slick on some lip gloss and you’re ready. If you want to accentuate your eyes instead, just apply some mascara to lengthen those lashes, apply some smoky eye shadow, and play with a bit of color on the eyelids. Pair these with a hint of blush and lip gloss or a subtle lip color. Don’t play up both the eyes and the lips or you’ll look too overly made up. If you’re wearing red lips, apply a bit of glimmer on your eyelids for that added accent.


Cotton scarves are for day wear. Choose silk scarves or pashminas for a dinner date. If you’re wearing subtle dark colors for your outfit, a colorful pashmina will surely glam up your night.

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