Some Basic Smart Phone Do’s and Don’ts When on First Dates

In today’s world a person without a smartphone is a rarity.  Most of us find our smart phone an essential tool, and rejoice in having ours on our belt or in our pocket.  When you have your smart phone obtained from Verizon for a $100 discount when purchased with a Groupon promo code, you can use it to make your first contact with companions or business contacts, or to schedule that first date with someone you’ve met.  However, there are certain protocols that are essential courtesies that should be followed when we spend time with others.  There are times when we should pay less attention to the smart phone and more to our immediate companions.  Some basic courtesies include:


  1. Avoid unnecessary interruptions or disturbances while in the company of others.  When we are out spending time with someone we should try to show that person respect.  Many find it annoying to have a date interrupted by someone having to answer their phone.  It doesn’t take much effort to put your phone on “silent” mode and have calls or messages deferred when spending time with someone.  After all, that companion’s time is just as valuable to him/her as your caller, and he or she may resent a phone call taking precedence.


  1. Defer outgoing calls.  When going with another person avoid having to make business or personal calls during the time you are spending together.  Make your calls before or after you’ve completed your time together.  How would you feel if the person whom you are out with found it necessary to call his or her buddies to talk about next week’s meeting or class studies while you sit there?  Even if you are just casual acquaintances, it still feels annoying to be sitting with someone who finds a conversation on the phone more important than the person in their immediate presence.


  1. Avoid texting while in the company of others.  Texting is a great way to communicate, however, it is the number one way to be distracted from one’s immediate surroundings and company.  When you are texting, you are focusing all your attention upon that person and subject matter.  Persons around you may naturally feel unworthy of your attention.  A good rule of thumb is to text only when you’re not in the company of others.


Following these basic rules can help assure that your first date won’t be your last.




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