Pandora – As Unique As You!

Every piece of Pandora jewelry is unique, because you build it according to your personal style. That’s what make Pandora so fun! You can celebrate your own individualized style by choosing from the hundreds of options of charms and other pieces of hand-finished jewelry. Pandora allows you to represent your hobbies, your lifestyle, and the things you love through their jewelry. Pandora is one of the most-loved jewelry brands in the world.

History of Pandora
Pandora started out as a small-scale husband and wife shop in Copenhagen in 1982. Husband Per Enevoldsen designed and built the jewelry in the basement while wife, Winnie ran their small shop upstairs. Fast-forward to today, and Pandora is a multi-billion dollar jewelry business with sales in over 100 countries all over the globe. The manufacturing site is in Thailand, where it has been located since 1989 when the company first began producing it’s own line of jewelry. In terms of sales, Pandora is the world’s third largest jewelry company. Pandora entered the sales market in the United States in 2003. They filled a niche of up-scale look and pricing, but still affordable for middle-class America. Some people refer to Pandora as “middle-class Tiffany”.

What Makes Pandora Unique
Pandora offers an assortment of stackable rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and of course, charms. Pandora offers over 800 different charms for a completely personal design. Their assortment is so varied that there is truly something that appeals to everyone. Pandora understands the trends in jewelry and fashion and yet also knows the importance of being able to add to an existing collection. Pandora introduces a new collection several times a year, so it’s easy to find unique charms that fit into anyone’s collection. They have perfected the art of introducing new charms that keep their loyal fan base coming back for more. Their charms and bracelets make up 80% of the companies sales.

Where is Pandora Sold
Pandora jewelry and charms are sold in find jewelry stores all over the world. In addition, Pandora operates small-scale kiosks in shopping centers and has their own retail stores in larger malls. Pandora recently entered the e-commerce market and is currently the most-visited website in the jewelry industry.

If you haven’t explored the world of Pandora, get ready to be hooked. Many first time visitors start out with a bracelet and one or two charms. Then they come back for another. And another. It’s easy to find the perfect piece to “complete” the collection, especially with new pieces coming out regularly. The highly specialized pieces have a wide appeal for shoppers looking for a way to express their individual lifestyle.


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