Off The Catwalk: 5 Makeup Trends You Can’t Miss

This fall season offers an assortment of the latest makeup trends used on the fashion runways. Since the current season is considered to be a great time to experiment on new styles, many makeup artists choose more playful colors and patterns. For instance, using a long-wearing blush for that neutral look may work throughout the year, but you can also use it when wearing different colors during fall. The cooler weather is one factor for the presence of more vibrant hues and shades found on the trending makeup looks, which last longer due to the lower rate of humidity and heat.

For those who like to be bold with their makeup and for people who simply want to keep up with the newest trends, here are the top five makeup styles that you should not miss:

Metallic elements

Relive the 1970s with specks of glitter and electric shades by using brightly shimmered makeup.

Satin foundation

Your autumn wardrobe would definitely require you to dress in layers, but this should not be the case with your concealer and foundation. Create an even mix of these two by avoiding a heavy and caked look. Use a sheer type of foundation and a high-pigment concealer for a flawless and even-toned skin. A great foundation should also contain sunscreen with SPF 25 or higher. This would take years off your face and complement the vibrancy and boldness of fall makeup. Dark circles around the eye area and puffiness could be covered with the use of a luminous finish concealer. Prevent breakouts by avoiding concealers with stick or solid formulations.

Eye makeup

Eyeliner makeup should be subtle during the day and more striking at night. Use a liquid liner to create a well-defined and detailed set of lines. If you wish to go for that cat-eyed look, applying gel liner is a good option. This can also be used to draw lines with more volume and thickness. Being familiar with the correct application of a gel liner takes a bit of testing in the beginning. Try a few samples to figure out what best suits your taste and facial features. If you think liquid and gel liners are too strong for you, substitute them with shadows in dark navy, plum or brown hues. Create a milder look after by spreading it out with a brush.

Kissable lips

Wearing lipstick or lip stain with a rich shade of purple is a popular choice for fall makeup. Put a slight dab on your finger or brush before applying it for a subtle touch of color. When you decide to make your lips as the focus of your look, counter the bold shade of wine-colored lips with neutral eye shadow and mascara.

Au naturale

A no-makeup trend has been a perennial trendsetter in the fashion world, with models wearing barely-there makeup. strutting the catwalk. Makeup artists worked their magic by providing the models with a fresh and natural glow. This look was included as one of the top makeup trends for Spring 2015 in London, Milan and Paris.

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