Not on your Radar: Uncovering Android Apps you Might Not Have Noticed

You have the power in your hands but you’re not really sure how to unleash it. Most smartphones are just devices for talking and texting unless you have a good library of apps. But with hundreds available, and many not worth your time, it’s easy for some good ones to slip under the radar. Not on your watch. Here’s some you may not have noticed til now.




Every website, subscription, and online vendor requires a password. You probably have over 20 of them. Wouldn’t it be easier to remember one master password that unlocks them all? Use it on your home computer, laptop, mobile device, and smartphone. Never worry about security or forgetting a password.


Pocket Casts


The number of those listening to podcasts is steadily growing. It makes sense. You can listen on the way to work, before bed, while sitting on the beach, etc. Print material has been around for centuries, yet some prefer learning in an audio format. Pocket Casts gives access to dozens of audio and video format selections.




Why settle for your phone’s present wallpaper and ringtones? Customize your phone to your liking with Zedge. People upload tons of selections that are used by others to show off their favorite pastime, football team, or television series.


Weather Live


Get instant information on the local weather as well as spots all over the globe. See if it will be clearing up in the afternoon or if you should bring along your rain gear to work next week. Weather is hard to predict and an accurate forecast could mean the difference between an incredible or incredibly horrible time. Learn more at the Google Play store.




Airlines change prices all of the time. They cater to supply and demand. From there, they finagle prices around in trying to attract last-minute and business travelers. Put in your itinerary and get pinged when the price of tickets drops. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting the best price without needing to be on top of prices every minute.




We’re in the digital age. Though still sparking emotion, memorabilia can be a hassle. Most people who are adults have boxes of pictures. However, pictures are susceptible to damage and could be completely lost in a fire or flood. However, you could keep your images forever as digital files. Use Google’s Photoscan to take a shot and save it to the cloud.


Torque Pro


Do you obsess over your car’s engine and components? Do you love to get the utmost performance from your machine? If so, Torque Pro is for you. Plug components into your car’s engine and get the output on your app.




It stands for if this then that. Some workers find themselves performing the same tasks. IFTTT allows you to automate a whole bunch of things. Plus, it works with other apps for limitless recipes and convenience. Get ideas from other users or get creative and craft your own IFTTT recipes.


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