How to Find the Hottest, Trendiest Swimsuits in 2017

As the winter months draw snowbirds to southern US and Caribbean beaches, and as Spring lurks right around the corner offering spring break, everyone wants to get their hands on the latest swimwear fashions. You can beat the shopping rush by buying your swimsuit online and be the first one on the beach wearing the latest trends. Many of the 2017 swimsuit trends fit a plus size woman perfectly, as the body positive movement — spearheaded by plus size advocates like Sports Illustrated’s Ashley Graham and others — caught a lot of attention in 2016 and has spilled over into this year. Shopping online is a great way to nab the perfect swimsuit and Winter is the ideal time to shop for online swimwear deals because retailers want to boost out-of-season sales.

Trendy and Attractive
Plus size women can forget the floral, drab grandma styles of the past. Fashion industry leaders like Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley have ensured that curvy women have cute suits, too. While not every style suits every body, a number of this year’s swimsuit trends seem tailor made for plus size fashionistas,
according to Here are some fashion-forward styles that might catch your attention in 2017.


Bikinis are back in a big way — and plus size women no longer have to shy away from the prospect of wearing one. Just check out plus size supermodel Ashley Graham’s signature collection available now. She has designed a line-up of smashing waist-high bikinis reminiscent of the ’50s pinup era. Her line of womens plus size bikinis from swimsuitsforall give women of every shape and size the option of wearing a sexy bikini and feeling body positive at the beach.

Another trend that lets you draw attention to your best body features and distract from others is the lace-up swimsuit. Choose from one- or two-piece swimsuits and choose a swimsuit that features laces where you want to draw attention — your bodice, hips, or back, depending on your body type.

Draw attention to your assets with ruffles. Accentuate your waist, your chest or shoulders with some breezy frills.

Swim Skirts
A swim skirt accentuates your waist and covers your thighs. If you’d like more rear end coverage, it’s a great choice. A sarong over your suit provides a similar effect, reports 
InStyle magazine.

Online Swimwear Deals
Winter provides the ideal time to find online swimwear deals. While department stores won’t get their swimsuits for months, you can catch the sales now with a single click. Many retailers specialize in fashionable plus size swimsuits for women of any size or body type. You’ll find a large selection of trend-setting suits in sizes 8 to 34. Best of all, shopping online lets you try on items in the comfort of your own home with all the accessories you’ll hit the beach wearing. You can see it in your own mirror, and return items as necessary. Shopping for 2017 is easier than ever thanks to convenient online shopping.

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