How To Be The Healthiest Version Of You

We all want to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. However, wanting is different from being. We all think that being the healthy means we need to make drastic lifestyle changes, and that scares us. However, fret not. Here are some ways you can be your best self without breaking the bank and without changing drastically:

Eating healthy

Before investing in discount vitamins online, the first step is actually to eat healthy. Healthy nutrition doesn’t mean foregoing entire food groups, but instead, eating a balanced meal and limiting food types with no nutritional value. A balanced meal consists of vegetables and fruits, some carbohydrates, and a healthy dose of protein. The food types to be limited include chips, fries, processed meats, sugar from candy and chocolates, among others. Limit, being the operative word, doesn’t mean not eating them altogether. So it’s no drastic change, merely a slight tweak of the old lifestyle.

Active lifestyle

Having an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to log in hours and hours at the gym or having a body-builder’s physique. Instead, you must have some form of daily physical activity. It can be daily walks to and fro work by parking your car a mile or so away from the office. You can get off the elevator of your apartment building 2-3 floors below so you can hike up two flights of stair on your way home. It can mean window shopping for 30 minutes at the mall, walking at a brisk pace. Physical activity can also mean weekly swims at a public pool or playing for an hour with your dog. It can mean short bursts of cardio exercise while watching your favorite TV show, whenever the commercials are on. It can mean planking the whole 30-second length of a regular advertisement.

Ample sleep

Gone are the days when we sleep for more than 8 hours at night, and when naps are required activities during the day. We’re way past that. However, research suggests that sleep deprivation causes obesity and other weight problems, which in turn is a risk factor for many diseases. Getting ample sleep per night enables your body to recharge for the day ahead, as well as allows your cells to regenerate more efficiently.

Avoiding harmful behavior

Primary of these harmful behaviors is smoking. Smoking is still the leading cause of lung cancers, throat cancers, and mouth cancer. It negatively affects the regular functioning of our organs causing diseases and other ailments. Addictive substances should be entirely avoided at all costs.

Regular checkups

To make sure we are on the way to our healthiest selves, perform regular medical checkups with your medical practitioner. At least, have an annual physical exam to monitor risk factors including cholesterol levels, blood pressure level, and blood sugar levels. The results of annual medical exams will serve as the baseline for future changes in your test results. Thus, it is important to start early so that your medical practitioner will have ample information to base their diagnosis when there are future complications.

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