How can you make the most of your garden over the cooler months?

Just because the cooler weather and shorter days are drawing in doesn’t mean your garden has to be abandoned. There’s plenty to do in the Autumn to prepare for Winter and Spring, but it’s also a nice time to sit out and enjoy that crisp air in the morning or have friends over for an impromptu BBQ and evening huddled around the chiminea with blankets and a few glasses of wine.

When it comes to deciding what jobs to do in Autumn take a look online. You can find some great advice and even order your plants to be delivered by mail, from sites such as, to make things easier for you as the cooler months take hold.

If you’re looking ahead and thinking of planting bulbs ready for when Spring rolls round again then get your hands on a variety of plants. Daffodil, Tulip and Perennial bulbs are all great for planting at this time of year and as the warmer weather comes round you’ll see their beautiful colours popping up around the garden to greet it.

People tend to think that because there isn’t a great deal of sun in the cooler months, plants don’t need watering as much, but it is important to keep on top of plants such as roses, shrubs and evergreens and ensure they are watered all year round. Experts, such as the Royal Horticultural Society, offer advice every month on what needs to be done to keep your garden in tiptop shape.

Now is also the best time to start building up your compost bin again – after using what you already had on your newly planted bulbs – take fallen leaves and plant debris to start breaking down over the next year. October to November is actually the best time to get de-weeding the garden, as the cooler weather reduces the strength of the weed’s roots, just be sure that you get rid of it all or you could see those nasty looking plants peeking through again.

It’s a good idea to net your pond at this time of year as well, to save it from discolouration and sludge as leaves fall in. It also protects any fish that you keep from birds and cats, sniffing around for an easy bite to eat.

Autumn is also the best time to plant certain vegetables if you’re a grow-your-own enthusiast. If you have a greenhouse – big or small – you can plant onions, peas, garlic and asparagus at this time of year, ready to move into an outside allotment area in the Spring.

Lay down a patio, ready for those evenings with friends and fireworks around November time or it could be used for the apple bobbing station at your Halloween party. Deck your patio out with loungers, a table and chairs and brightly coloured solar lights. If you don’t want to risk getting rained on you could consider putting up a plastic marquee or even fitting a lean-to roof onto the side of the house (planning permission permitted of course).

So there you have it, there’s absolutely no need to lock those patio doors and close the curtains on your garden now that things have got a little cooler. Make the most of your outdoor space, throw on a coat and gloves and keep going through the chill. 

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