Happy glamping at home!

It was one happy day when some clever person came up with the idea of glamping and threw all the established rules about camping out of the window. No more would we have to tolerate the discomfort and torture of camping – the rain, the slugs, sleeping on a hard floor and eating strange things out of tins in the dark. With the advent of glamping, those days are in the past, and the future looks brighter than ever.

So what exactly is glamping? Well it’s just like camping, but with all the bad bits removed. It’s camping with a five-star luxury rating. Where camping was grueling, glamping is glamorous, and it seems to have been embraced enthusiastically by those who love spending time outdoors, but don’t want to give up their luxuries.

When it comes to an activity the children will enjoy, glamping gets the thumbs up. What could be better than being close to nature, under canvas away from all the electronic gadgets of home, listening to the birdsong and playing old fashioned board games by gaslight?

Tempted? Then why not have a trial glamping session in the backyard? The basic requirements of glamping consist of a tent for shelter and lots of sumptuous, luxurious furnishings for a really indulgent experience. For the tent, the options run from exotic to practical – choose from Mongolian yurts, spacious canvas bell tents, shikar tents used by Maharajahs, tepees, mini marquees and more.

The main thing that separates glamping from camping is the luxury element – forget plastic sheeting on the floor, glamping gives you carpet or luxury matting underfoot. Camp beds or inflatable mattresses that gradually lose air overnight are banished by glampers; they enjoy the sleep of kings in the comfort of beds with well-sprung mattresses and crisp linens.

Glamping in the backyard is actually quite straightforward. Once the shelter structure has been erected, place carpet over waterproof plastic and start placing the furnishings. For sleeping and seating options consider some of the smaller luxurious furniture that’s available – garden chaise longues, sofas and nests of tables will look just right arranged in a spacious tent. Many of the rattan style gardening sets complement the colonial style often used with great success in glamping interiors. Get the children involved in placing furniture, sorting out the sleeping arrangements and deciding on a menu. A delicious meal can be knocked up on a camping stove, barbecue or campfire, or why not make the most of being at home and use the oven in the kitchen? Or even order take out? With glamping, it’s all about making things easy and comfortable, for everyone, including mom and dad.

To make the experience of glamping in the backyard all the more special, consider illuminating the tent with a string of fairy lights or nightlights. Simultaneously drive off mosquitoes and create an exotic ambiance by burning incense sticks. Then lay back on plumped up cushions and enjoy the sounds of the night, the giggles of the children and a wonderful feeling of indulgence…

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