First Date: Make Sure Your Outfit Is Spot On

Going on a first date can give us the jitters, and we usually spend more time than usual preparing and choosing what cute clothes to wear to make a good impression. Thankfully, we are usually informed beforehand where our date will be taking us, so we can have an idea on what outfit to wear for the occasion. We wouldn’t want to be in stilettos for a picnic in the park, or wearing our favorite pair of jeans in a fancy restaurant, do we? If you’re thinking of what to wear—and how to wear it—for your first date with Potential Mr. Right, here are some great tips!

Dress appropriately and comfortably.

It’s ideal to know where you’re going before you make any outfit plans. First dates are usually casual affairs, but if your date prefers taking you to a fancy restaurant, then a dress and heels are definitely in order. Find out what the restaurant’s dress code is so that you don’t underdress or overdress. For casual dates such as coffee or the movies, it’s best to wear a nicer variation of your normal look. The kind of shoes to wear should be appropriate for the occasion as well, and they must be comfortable—after all, you might be taking a walk with your date afterwards. Your overall comfort is important, as it can get awkward having to constantly fiddle with what your outfit because it itches or pinches you. Wearing something nice and comfortable will make you feel beautiful and confident.

Wear your hair down.

Go ahead and let your hair down! Our hair is our crowning glory, and it’s usually the first body part that gets noticed. Have a good shampoo and soften your hair with conditioner before styling it in a way that flatters your face. Loose waves are best, as super-straight ironed-out hair can make you look like you’re overly concerned with your appearance instead of the easygoing, low-maintenance girl you really are.

Show off your personal style.

Be yourself, your friends will say, and it’s a good advice. If you’re not one to slather on layers of makeup, then avoid the cake-y foundation on your first date, unless you want to present a totally different person. Being garbed in designer labels from head to toe won’t matter if it’s not in your personality, and your date won’t even notice who you’re wearing, anyway. Remember that first impressions last, so it’s best to go as yourself—the best version of yourself, that is. Less is more, and besides, you wouldn’t want to be regarded as too high maintenance.

Wear what makes you feel good.

Wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself gives you a positive energy, a nice aura, if you will, that your date will take notice of. If you feel beautiful and confident because you’re wearing something that flatters you, then you’re wearing the right outfit. If you’re still not sure, ask your mom or your friends for advice—you may not pay much attention to fashion, but your loved ones will know what dress or blouse shows off your best features, such as the color of your eyes.

Going on a first date means getting to know another person, and we usually put our best foot forward. Take note that it’s ‘our’ and not someone else’s, so be yourself. Wear something that flatters without sacrificing comfort, and you’ll feel the whole night (or day) through.

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