Extreme Sports

One way to pump adrenaline is definitely through sports. Indeed, games like football and basketball make the heart beat faster, but there are other sports which makes danger feel so close. Some extreme sportsmen do extreme sports as a mere challenge despite that these are very risky. Some of the most famous extreme sports are:



Creeking is taking white-water kayaking to another level! In the 80s, extreme kayakers used their kayaks to plunge off the highest waterfalls. Plungers love the thrill and adrenalin rush which they get when their kayaks crash into the waters. However, this sports is very dangerous as there’s always a possibility of hitting rocks or being sucked into the waters.

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Base Jumping

Base jumping is the most dangerous recreational sports around the world. Quite similar to bungee jumping, jumpers throw themselves off any base structures which can be buildings, spans, bridges, antennas or cliffs. While jumping, parachutes are opened for a safe landing. Despite being like skydiving, this sports is more dangerous as there’s only a short span to react in case of parachute opening failure.

Wingsuit Flying

This sports is allowed only to those who have already completed at least 200 skydives, as it is highly dangerous. Wingsuit flying implies jumping off a perch wearing wings, and slowly gliding down to the ground. The suits have an approximate gliding speed of 2.5 meter of descent.

Ice Climbing

Where the winter is always icy, people try ice climbing. This sports imply climbing cliffs, mountains or vertical ice formations. Step cutting is used for chipping off the ice with the help of an ice pick, so that you make your own foothold. There’s a device called the cramp-on which has been made to speed the climbing and to cut off the chance of being too cold.

Volcano Surfing

Volcano Surfing entails climbing up a volcano and surfing down on a plywood board. The boards are normally made of Formica, metal or steel. You can either slide while standing or sitting on the board. It is normally the experts who do it while being upright. Sharp volcano rocks are what make this sports very risky.

Cave Diving

Jacques Costeau was the one who invented this sports. It involves diving under the caves found in the waters.  The treacherous part implied in this sports is in case of equipment failure, it is hard to get back to the surface. Also, the currents within these underwater caves are highly unpredictable and can catch you at the wrong time.

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