Christmas is coming: start making your cards now!

With merriment and the jingling of bells just around the corner you might want to bury your head and hope Christmas will hold off for just a little while longer – after all we haven’t even had Halloween or Bonfire Night yet!

But we’re here to tell you that Christmas won’t hold off. In fact it will press even harder and arrive even faster the more you attempt to delay your shopping and wrapping and card writing.

Talking of cards, isn’t it about time you got round to making yours? No more expensive shop bought cards, you said last year, no more generic messages or cheap, flimsy paper envelopes. This year, you planned to go all out and make your own, for special family and friends – however your work colleagues can each make do with a card from that 20-pack from the supermarket.

First things first, you need some supplies before you can start crafting, so this weekend get down to your local craft store or head online and find some great deals on sites such as Homecrafts.

To help kick start your crafting, we’ve got some great card design ideas to share with you, for you to try out:

Santa’s trousers

santa belt photo credit - handmade by amy

A really simple but fun design to use on your Christmas card involves red card, a strip of white faux fur, black paper and buttons.

It’s easy to put together. Start by folding your A4 sheet of red card in half then place your strip of white fur horizontally in the middle to give the impression of a fur trim on Santa’s coat. Next stick a thick strip of black paper over this horizontally to create the belt and complete with a square of white or silver paper for the buckle. Finish off with two black buttons, glued on top of the white fur.

This card design shouldn’t take you long at all and will work out very cheap to create.

Snap it up

Why not get creative with Christmas decorations and children’s toys and place them in scenarios? Try recreating the nativity scene with tiny toy dinosaurs and vintage deer ornaments, for example. Get the camera out and snap some shots, using a lamp behind to get good light for your images.

Print these out, landscape format, on one half of some high quality card and fold to create your Christmas card. You can be as funny or as cute as you like – why not cut out small speech bubbles, stick these on and have your toys speaking to each other on the cards?



Head out to your nearest DIY store and make a beeline for the paint aisle. Pick up some green paint sample strips and cut a tree shape out of each one (a simple long triangle works great). Pick up some brown ones as well for the tree stump.

The paint strips go from dark to light variations of each paint colour, so you will have a lovely ombre Christmas tree effect. Stick your trees onto a plain white piece of card, folded in half, and decorate with stars and white dots for baubles using a white glitter pen. It’s probably one of the simplest cards you can create!

So there you have it, just a few simple Christmas card design ideas you can whip together. After all you promised yourself you’d do something a little special for your family and friends – and this is the year!

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