Choker Necklaces 2017: Are they Still In?

Opulent choker necklace

steadily going down. The fashion item was a trend back in the 90s, gone for more than 10 years, and came back in 2015. But is it time to say goodbye to chokers again?


Opulent choker necklace  

2016 was a big year for chokers. A lot of celebrities were seen wearing one. This included Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Jessica Chastain, Bella Hadid, Araya, Hargate, and Liu Yifei. You could even see opulent choker necklaces on the 2016 fashion runways.

Now that it’s 2017, there have been a lot of talks about the end of the trend. Let’s listen to what fashion experts have to say about the matter.


“It will never end.”- Johanna Abitbol

Abitbol of Johaab, an online shop specializing in chokers, believe that chokers are never actually over. She states that pearl necklaces have been around since the 60s, and tight necklaces were on the fashion scene even back in the 80s. Chokers hit high popularity in the 90s. And now, it’s back again in the 21st century. So, when you think about it, the design of chokers changes. However, chokers themselves remain essentially the same.

“It’s just more delicate.” – Ali Call

Ali Call, a GoodLooks fashion stylist, says that chokers can still be widely seen in the spring 2017 fashion scene. In fact, Celine and Tommy Hilfiger have used several looks with chokers on the runway. However, they have become more delicate. And if you are looking for the best 2017 accessories, you should go for statement earrings.


“I’m not into them.” – Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher is a jewelry designer from New York and the owner of the Brass Collection and The Fine Jewelry Collection of the Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. She says that she herself is not a fan of the fashion item lately as she prefers longer necklaces.

In the Today Show, the producers decided to use her choker necklace to talk about the death of the accessory trend. Surprisingly, she does not feel bitter about it. In fact, she’s amused.


“It’s evolving.” –Frasier Sterling

Frasier Sterling started her brand back in 2011 and has now earned a good reputation. Her designs have been worn by the Jenner sisters and supermodels like Gigi Hadid. Rather than thinking that chokers are dying, she believes that they are only evolving, like other kinds of accessories. 2016 saw the rise of thick and black chokers. 2017 is seeing daintier chokers that can perfectly go with layered looks.


Final Thoughts

Cyclical fashion trends allow us to see items from the past gracing the present. So, even if chokers are actually going out of style, we are sure to see them back again in a few years. If you care to wait, you might not want to throw away your chokers just yet. Keep them in your jewelry box because there’s no doubt that you’ll be using them again.

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