Car Maintenance for Girls: Essential Checks You Should Be Making

Girls often get a bad rap when it comes to owning a car. While there are some women who know exactly how to maintain their car, many don’t have the first clue about the mechanics involved (neither do many men, of course). If you want to be an independent, strong woman it is important to get to grips with basic car maintenance. Not only will you save money on repairs, you’ll also be taken more seriously by dealerships when you’re looking for a car.

Getting to grips with the basics

One of the first things you should do is become familiar with the owner’s manual. As mentioned on Squidoo, the manual helps you to get to grips with how your car actually works. You’ll learn more about tyre pressure and what all of the buttons are for.

The next step is to check things out under the hood. Now, you might not know exactly what you’re looking at here but figuring out how to actually open the hood is essential. The car will need to be stationary with the engine off. The lever to release the hood is usually found on the lower left hand side of the steering wheel. After pulling the lever you’ll hear a click and that tells you the hood is ready to be lifted.

These are the two main basic things you need to do before carrying out any checks on your vehicle.

Be prepared for a flat tyre

Flat tyres are quite common and it helps if you know how to replace one. You should always carry a spare tyre with you in the boot of the car, along with a tyre iron and jack. Make sure you know exactly how to use them. There are videos online that can help or you can ask a friend or relative to show you how it’s done. Remember, if the tyres on your vehicle are showing signs of serious wear and tear, get them replaced – get an online quote from Jennings Motor Group to get an idea of pricing.

Checking your tyre pressure

Now that you’ve read the owner’s manual, you will know what tyre pressure the car should have. If you drive around with under-inflated tyres, it can drain your fuel and cause safety problems. Be sure to keep a little loose change in your car as the air machines at garages usually cost money.

Refilling the windscreen wiper fluid

You need your windscreen wipers to help you see during rainy days. Therefore it is important to make sure they are constantly topped up with fluid. As featured on All Women’s Talk, you should always have some spare fluid in your car in case it runs out while you’re driving.

These are just some of the things you need to be able to check. It is worth researching online or getting advice from loved ones on how to perform certain maintenance checks. The more you learn to do by yourself, the more empowered you will feel. You will also know when a garage is trying to rip you off just because you’re a woman – knowledge is power!   

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