All In Your Carry-On: Packing Tips for a Weekend Trip

If you are planning a weekend trip away you will want to have enough clothes and accessories for the trip but don’t overdo it or you will end up with a bulging suitcase to weigh you down.


Packing perfection is an art that you can easily acquire and once you get the hang of how to maximize the space and be more ruthless in your decision-making about what to take, you can get everything you need in your carry-on.


Sail through the airport


If you are going away for a weekend break your time is precious and you don’t want to waste relaxing and sightseeing opportunities because you have taken longer than expected to get through the airport and on your way.


The best way to speed up that process is to get everything you need for your trip into your carry-on luggage so that you are not hanging around at the carousel checking your watch.


If you think you can’t get everything you need into your carry-on you are mistaken. All it takes is some packing know-how and a determined approach to only taking what you need.


A good way to conserve valuable carry-on space


If you are staying at somewhere like the Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites Key West you will be heading to a part of the country where the sun likes to shine a lot of the time which will help you to thin down your clothing options, but you can still save some space with what you wear for the flight.


A great space-saving strategy would be to choose an outfit with several layers that you can wear on the plane on the way out and when you return as well. That cut down on what goes in your luggage if you use the same outfit twice and planes can get cold anyway so you don’t have to feel overdressed.


Pick some transitional pieces


A cocktail dress can’t really double up as anything else which means you are taking up valuable luggage space with an item that might be what you want to have on your packing list but isn’t versatile, but pick some transitional pieces and they justify their inclusion.


You can soon find some items that offer you the chance to wear them day or night and in a variety of different situations. Change things around with a few well-chosen accessories that don’t take up much space and you have a solution that allows you to travel light but still look good.


There is only so much you can leave out

It might take a few goes to hone your packing strategy but once you have got it cracked you will become a packing pro and find that decisions become a lot easier each time you prepare for a trip.


You will quickly realize that there is a shortlist of must-haves from your wardrobe so don’t deprive yourself of the items that make you look and feel good when you wear them.


Just make space by leaving some other clothes and accessories at home that you won’t really miss so that you can walk onto the plane with your carry-on professionally packed with everything you need for a great weekend.


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