3 Keys to Purchasing the Best Engagement Ring

If the time has arrived for you to start thinking about buying an engagement ring, where do you first turn?
For many guys in this situation, knowing where to go, how much to spend, and when to propose can be a tad stressful.
That said educating yourself on the different selections is your best starting point.

So, will you take the time and effort to get educated on this all-important jewelry buy?

Be an Educated Ring Buyer
So that your engagement ring buy can come off without a hitch, remember the following keys:

  1. Educate yourself – Whether wondering diamond rings settings or the price, educate yourself. There are different ways to go about this. First, the Internet is a great source of engagement ring information. With more jewelry store owners on the web, you can assure yourself of finding the details you need. You can also use social media. By talking to other people in your situation, you can learn about how they’re going about getting a ring.
  1. Which ring is right for her? – Given no two rings are alike, you want to take time in studying the composition of each ring you look at. This is why most men will have their significant other with them when ring shopping. In doing so, she gets to not only try on many rings, but also ask questions of the respective jeweler. Although some guys like the total surprise effect, it makes more sense for her to get the ring she wants. As finding the right wedding dress is of utmost importance to a woman, the proper ring is key too.
  1. Customer service matters – If you have bought from a specific jeweler over time, do you go back to them for the ring? When you’ve built up a level of trust with a business, you often will continue to shop with them. Since the ring may need maintenance over time, find a jeweler with sound customer service.

When’s the Best Time to Propose?
Once you have the engagement ring in-hand, the next big decision is of course when to propose.

For many guys, that decision can take up a fair amount of their time too.

If she already knows she’s getting the ring because you took her shopping for it, when and where to deliver it? Try your best to not make it too obvious.

As an example, going away on a weekend trip or even a weeklong vacation could tip her off that you plan to propose. Instead, consider a romantic dinner or even when you are together with family.

Last, remember to make the ring-giving experience as fun as possible.

Some couples look at the giving of a ring as the next step to getting married. In doing so, some nerves can come into play thinking about all there is to do in planning a wedding. Don’t jump to that next big step until the time is right.
In giving your special woman a ring, you show you have a commitment to the relationship.

With the right engagement ring in-hand, great days and memories are only the beginning.



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